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Tacoma is a project stemmed from “5 Side Guys” of the Country Music Industry. Collectively, they have played with the likes of George Canyon, Charley Pride, Gord Bamford, Aaron Lines and Julian Austin, just to name a few.
These “Side Guys” wanted an outlet for when they weren’t on tour with an artist, and an opportunity to have some fun playing, without the pressure. 

With their reputation building now as Artists, Tacoma made the decision to record their first single, Tangled Up and release it to radio. Breaking the radio waves is always a challenge, yet Tacoma made an impressive entry, making fans across the nation! 

Tacoma provides a high energy, rocking country show, which radiates a true passion for performing live. With exceptional vocals and electrifying guitar solos, Tacoma is a band which will provide the energy you want to see over and over again!  There is a reason top country artists hire them, these guys know how to play!

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