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With a depth of music that goes back generations in his family, Justin Ament is a shining example of what a knowledgeable history and connection to music can offer an audience. Parlaying the music that flows in his blood thruthe history of a trusted name in the Canadian Country Music Industry, Ament takes on a new task and will guide you through the ebbs and flows of the illustrious career of the most highly regarded and well known Texas Troubadour.

Similar to George Strait, Justin Ament has done many things in his life but the central core of his being revolves around his love of horses, music, friends and family. Justin is tried tested and true to REAL country music, so it only made sense that he is paying homage to the King of Country.

From Unwound right up to Troubadour, you can sit back or get up and dance but no matter what, you’re gonna enjoy the show and the stories that go with it. Ladies and gentlemen, This is Justin Ament and the “Cowboys Like Us” STRAIT Country Tribute.

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