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The sound of country music has always been synonymous with raw authenticity, and Alberta's own Chris Brien is a shining example of just that. With a voice that's as powerful as it is unpolished, Chris is the perfect embodiment of blue-collar grit and country soul.


Drawing inspiration from the legends that came before him, he's spent his career honing his craft, but beyond the numbers and awards, it's Chris' unrelenting passion and unmistakable stage presence that truly sets him apart.


Brien's music draws inspiration from the greats of country music, including Johnny Cash, George Strait, and Alan Jackson. But he also brings his own brand of grit and authenticity to his music, creating something that's both timeless and fresh.


His dedication to his craft has not gone unnoticed, earning him two nominations for the Country Music Alberta Awards, including "Horizon Male Artist of the Year" and "Fans Choice Award." But it's on stage where Chris truly shines, captivating audiences with his powerful voice and magnetic energy.


His music has also been making waves, with "Back to Country" (2022) accumulating over 30,000 streams, cementing his place in the country music scene. Meanwhile, his most recent release "Looks Like I'm Drinkin' Tonight" (2022) has amassed over 55,000 streams, showcasing his growing popularity among country music fans.


In 2021, Chris' single "Saturdays Are For The Girl" was named "Most Downloaded Country Singles in Canada" on Yangaroo, "Most Active Indie" on FYI Music (#6), and has accumulated over 75,000 streams. The single was added to Sirius XM CBC Country 171 and several other stations across Canada, further expanding his reach and influence.


But it's not just about commercial success for Chris. His music has also been recognized for its quality and artistry, with his song "One Sunrise at a Time" (2021) being named a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) and nominated for a 2021 YYC Music Award for "Country Recording of the Year."


With his irresistible sound and impressive achievements, Chris is poised to become one of the most exciting voices in country music.

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